The Stone Fiend

DCC rules and description for the stone fiend, a predator of monstrous proportion.

Ancestral Memory

DCC artefact rules for Ancestral Memory, a macuahuitl of great import.

Halfling Berserker!

“I’d stay away from that short little ugly basterd if I were you. ‘E bit of a guys ear yesterday, just for lookin’ at ‘im funny!” This week’s piece is an alternate path for your halfling adventurers: not all members of this diminutive race are easygoing and nice, actually quite the opposite! The halfling berserker …

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Form Fillable Funnel Sheet!

An old dirt road, now overrun with weeds and sickly vines, rises towards the ruined citadel. A grisly sight bars your way: a pair of bodies, secured to poles by long ropey vines. The wicked vines have wormed their way inside the bodies ‘ eyes, ears and mouths. To your horror, you realize the bodies …

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