The Pelagiad Tribes

Also known as Sea Devils or deepkin, these proto humanoid mutants are integrally tied to Pelagia, the Bitch Goddess of the Sea. Woe to anyone forced to encounter their briny schemes, for they are the true masters of the deep waves!
"The Pelagic Menace!"
- Anti-Pelagia pamphlet from
an unknown author

Today’s piece is another true collaboration between myself and the Most Handsome and Cool Knight, Jussi Pylk√§s. He gave me a bundle of older illustrations from his archives, and the idea is that I’ll just write up whatever comes to mind based on them. This one was easy: ever since I ran The Sea Queen Escapes! for my home group, various pelagic monstrosities have periodically plagued them on their adventures, so I simply had to dig up my notes concerning these ocean-spawned mutants.

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