Maldremal, the Ever-Seeing

(This one should have come out on Nov 22th 2020. But it didn’t!)

This week’s piece is a behold… I mean “eye tyrant” patron for DCC. Enjoy!

I’ve been extremely drained from my day job (and not being able to play RPGs in person) for the last few months, and consequently we’re doubly late on article posts now. I appreciate the patience of our patrons on this, and direct everyone towards our backlog of content – this is the 227th post on the site, so I’m sure you can find something useful in that massive pile of rules and musings.

As a reminder – we will be moving on to a bi-weekly post schedule during the summer, once last year’s backlog is cleared. I for one am really looking forward to being able to focus on all of the module projects and such, it is high time for KitN to advance to publishing our content in a printed (on demand) form.

Stay safe, stay healthy.