Woolpit & Flayne – Fine Clothier & Leathers

Oh. Suits you. Sir.
Warren Woolpit
Fine Clothier & Master Tailor

This article is an answer to a repeat question from my players: where can they buy, sell or barter for magic items? I quite like DCC’s approach to keeping magic items mysterious, rare and strange, and for the most part I’ve simply answered this query with a boilerplate “you can’t, but you can quest for it”, with the general disclaimer that you probably won’t want to meet anyone who is powerful enough to want to barter for magical equipment, and that money is not generally something that trades hands in these sorts of situations.

But as our campaign has moved on to higher level play, it has become increasingly illogical to stonewall trading for magic items, and just in case anyone does go on a quest to find a magical merchant, I figured that I’d better have something in my back pocket for just such a situation. Enter Woolpit & Flayne, purveyors of eclectic fineries!

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