The Stone Fiend

DCC rules and description for the stone fiend, a predator of monstrous proportion.

The Redcap

“Tonight tonight, my plans I make, tomorrow tomorrow, the blood I take. The nobles, they’ll not win their game, for Krompleripskins is my name.” – mutterings of the Redcapped Hermit from Lonely Rock (since banished) Today I give you my version of the redcap! My group is traveling in the Elflands at the moment, the …

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Knut, from the North

“In the heart of winter hide your hearth, lest cold Knut take it’s warmth away.” – old boreal proverb Our Solstice offering is a mean monster: Knut from the North, the Half-Troll Horror. Loosely based on old Finnish Christmas lore, Knut made his very successful debut appearance in our seasonal game last weekend. Luckily, the …

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The Wycrow

“Blast it all! We’ve wycrows in tha chimneys again!Call in the sootjacks and send them up th’ flume.Quick-like now, before we have ta quench the forge!” – Krennvold Rockhammer, forgemaster of the Silverstone Colony Today’s piece is inspired by the excellent Legend of Grimrock game series. I completed both games recently, and enjoyed them quite …

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The Eelhound

“Much like the owlbear, the eelhound is an abomination of the natural order. Its origins have been accredited to witch and wizard alike, with the most extreme theories blaming a maleficent sea goddess for the creation of the ferocious beast. Whatever the truth, sailors on our northern seas will do well to avoid confrontation with …

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The Deceiver Cat

Here’s a little tidbit to tide you guys over as we’re working on edits on old articles and some next steps for the site as a whole. Deceiver cats are tricky and dangerous felines, stalking the steppes and dungeons of distant lands. This piece was actually written backwards: I drew the picture first, and Ville …

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The Ice Aurochs

“They walk the floes, never stop. They are cold meat, blood of ice. They die, we eat. Always less, herds never grow.” – Geskarr, northern barbarian This week’s article on KitN was communally created on the DCC RPG Facebook group (link here). It continues the frosty theme of recent weeks, as the north is covered …

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The Snow Elves

“Each winter, inevitably, the snow elves come. Descending from the freezing mountains like an insidious creeping avalanche, their raiders prey upon the rural settlers of the foothills, ravaging their towns and stealing what they can before disappearing into the cold snow.” Continuing our series of articles to fit the local weather patterns, here are the …

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Knight Moot #2: Fun with Fungi

“THE MUSHROOM IS NOT FEEDING IT IS GESTATING JUSTICIA HAVE MERCY” – Excerpt from the personal journal of adventurer and wizard Friedrich Helmut. It is time for another Knight Moot! This time the collaborative topic was fungi, and all the fun we can have with it. I’d like to thank all participants, and invite everyone …

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