The Redcap

“Tonight tonight, my plans I make, tomorrow tomorrow, the blood I take. The nobles, they’ll not win their game, for Krompleripskins is my name.” – mutterings of the Redcapped Hermit from Lonely Rock (since banished) Today I give you my version of the redcap! My group is traveling in the Elflands at the moment, the

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Knut, from the North

“In the heart of winter hide your hearth, lest cold Knut take it’s warmth away.” – old boreal proverb Our Solstice offering is a mean monster: Knut from the North, the Half-Troll Horror. Loosely based on old Finnish Christmas lore, Knut made his very successful debut appearance in our seasonal game last weekend. Luckily, the

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The Wycrow

“Blast it all! We’ve wycrows in tha chimneys again!Call in the sootjacks and send them up th’ flume.Quick-like now, before we have ta quench the forge!” – Krennvold Rockhammer, forgemaster of the Silverstone Colony Today’s piece is inspired by the excellent Legend of Grimrock game series. I completed both games recently, and enjoyed them quite

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