The Stone Fiend

When you're a-dungeoneering,
Watch out, watch out,
When you're a-treasure-hunting,
Watch out, watch out,
When deep in caves,
And short on braves,
watch out, watch out,
For there's FIENDS about!

- Song of the Lost Dwarf, verse CXIII (incomplete

This week’s article describes a monster that is sure to tear your adventurers to pieces! This bundle of rock and claws is from the imagination of our Knight-in-Good-Standing, Ville Rahkila.

In other notes, there are still a lot of spots in the games I’m running later this month, so if you’re still on the fence about joining in just bite the bullet and come play with us! (More info here.)




DCC Monster – The Stone Fiend


Illustration by the mostly monochrome Ville Rahkila.