This article is a bit of a blast from the past for me. While going through the archives, I came upon an article file simply named “Walrusmen”. After short moment of head scratching, I remembered that back during our first season of DCC games, one of the players saved a walrusman from the cryo-stasis chambers of DCC #79: Frozen in Time. I forget whether the poor creature is part of the base module or one of my own modifications (this was almost 5 years ago now), but the displaced walrusman hunter became a follower for that character.

We were in talks to write him up as a class so that he could be leveled: surviving a time-kidnapping certainly qualifies as a funnel experience, so the chap was in line for an immediate level up once I managed to type up the rules. But as it so often happens, real life intervened, and the player in question had moved away when we started the second season, and the walrusfolk class was stuck in development limbo. As I was sorting out the archives anyway, I decided to dust of the old concept, and wrote it up into what you see behind the link below.

January is always a rough month for me, since the north is way too cold and dark for anything but hibernation, so this piece is coming out a little later than I’d like. But! There’s another article in the pipeline for next weekend, and I’ve sorted out some of my necessary archival responsibilities. With any luck we can start playing in some configuration next month, and that should jig my neurons enough to get back to writing properly again.

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