Halfling Berserker!

“I’d stay away from that short little ugly basterd if I were you. ‘E bit of a guys ear yesterday, just for lookin’ at ‘im funny!” This week’s piece is an alternate path for your halfling adventurers: not all members of this diminutive race are easygoing and nice, actually quite the opposite! The halfling berserker …

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The Centaurs Are Coming!

Centaurs are a race of wandering tribal nomads. They are most at home on rolling, verdant plains but are known to adapt to many types of environments all over the world. Most centaur tribes trace their ancestry back to the everlasting summer of Elfland, and indomitable centaur chargers are a common sight among the armies …

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DCC Race – Jarrok

The jarroks are a curious race of humanoids living in the trees of ancient forests. Their tribal civilization has thrived for millennia for they prefer isolation from the other races and care not about the troubles of the outside world. This week we offer you a mysterious forest dwelling race with a strong back and …

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The Snow Elves

“Each winter, inevitably, the snow elves come. Descending from the freezing mountains like an insidious creeping avalanche, their raiders prey upon the rural settlers of the foothills, ravaging their towns and stealing what they can before disappearing into the cold snow.” Continuing our series of articles to fit the local weather patterns, here are the …

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The Sanctum of Space!

The inaugural post for the new year is another collaboration with the Sanctum Secorum podcast. Check out the space dwarf race in the companion volume, along with other excellent content! The space dwarves are actually based on a really vivid dream I had a few months back. I’ll eventually work them out to a full …

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Half-Breeds & Mongrels

“Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!” – some irritating Frenchman, Arthurian times Now, I suspect that this may be a little controversial, especially for Judges who like their DCC clean-cut, with none of this newfangled race-template silliness. Nevertheless, I’ve always liked the idea of half-breed characters, and wanted to include …

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It was just a jumble of tubes and screws and metal plates. But the group decided to fuel it with the blood of their dead and take it with them. And thus, I had to write the following rules for the rickety race of tinmen. They are a weird bunch but should provide some tank-y …

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The Elven Knight

“‘E were ‘aughty as all hell! Paid in queer coin too! ‘An talked to ‘is ‘orse!” Due to popular demand, here are the rules for an elven knight in DCC!