Halfling Berserker!

“I’d stay away from that short little ugly basterd if I were you. ‘E bit of a guys ear yesterday, just for lookin’ at ‘im funny!”

This week’s piece is an alternate path for your halfling adventurers: not all members of this diminutive race are easygoing and nice, actually quite the opposite! The halfling berserker is best at home on the bloody battlefield, cutting a bloody swathe through whoever stands in their way.

This class is brought to you by our bloodthirsty correspondant, Ville Rahkila and I am glad for it! I’m still in the process of recovering from moving house, and will be working on catching up on missed articles this week. This is still a very good time to send us your drafts to be featured on the site!

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DCC Race – Halfling Berserker


DCC Sheet – Halfling Berserker


Illustration by the bloodthirsty and brutal Joni Kesti.