Xchachito, Little Chaote

(This piece is backlog from las year’s skip-weeks, and should have come out on 25th October 2020.)

This week’s piece is the last remnant of last spring’s Week of Games. Robert hung on to a rag doll puppet his 0-levels got their hands on, and used it in a bunch of eldritch circumstances during the funnel adventure, which gave me the idea to imbue the item with some powers of its own.

In addition to working well as a focal point for a chaotic wizard in DCC, I think the flavour of Xchachito would probably serve well in Weird Frontiers or Shudder Mountains play as well. Let me know what you think!

This week’s illustration comes from the desk of my new friend and work comrade Jussi Pylk√§s. You’ll probably hear more about him once I can get him to send me some bio information to post, but for now we can let the art speak for itself.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

And cheers,