MCC House Rules: Artifacts

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This week’s piece contains my house rulings for handling artifacts and artifact checks in Mutant Crawl Classics.

On my initial read-through of the rules, I immediately noticed that I was going to have to tweak the artifact check rules for my games, and after running a few games I’ve come up with some solutions that we’ll test out at our table. I’m aware that judging styles vary in regards to this, and I’d be keen to hear how you run artifacts in your games (along with any feedback for this article, of course).

The piece is a few hours late, and directly hot off the press, so pardon the tardiness and possible typos. The Stronghold is getting a new guardian (hopefully) this week, and I’ve been catproofing my apartment over the weekend, so I’m signing out at 02:10 AM and my head is more than a little fuzzy at this point.

Stay healthy, stay safe.