The Redcap

“Tonight tonight, my plans I make,

tomorrow tomorrow, the blood I take.

The nobles, they’ll not win their game,

for Krompleripskins is my name.”

– mutterings of the Redcapped Hermit from Lonely Rock (since banished)

Today I give you my version of the redcap! My group is traveling in the Elflands at the moment, the next few weeks will likely have pieces covering that mystical region.  Redcaps are an old favourite of mine, and this version is designed to be a worthy opponent for lower levels, while still giving higher level adventurers a run for their money. I took some primary source material, mixed it with a hearty dose of fairy tales and poured a little whiff of history on top. I’m especially proud of how the redcaps act as an anarchist faction within Elfland itself – reminiscent of the red hats from the French Revolution (this might be a relevant edge in our current campaign).



DCC Monster – The Redcap


Illustration by the great Joni Kesti!