World Building

Divine Plagues

“Tha’ stranger what rode through town last night weren’t all good! My Jason says ‘e saw the man spew a buncha live frogs outta ‘is mouth! I tells ya, we better pray ta Nimlurun that such disease won’t strike us down as well!” Divinely sourced disease is a common event in old stories, and as

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Five Weird Trees

High in top of the dragonhome tree, Sleeps a little dragon, a dragon like thee When the wind blows the dragon will fly Sleep little lordling, now don’t you cry – a lullaby sung to Rilvac I, the New King This week’s piece draws its inspiration from the real world: all of the strange and

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Unlikely Urban Encounters

“Did’ja see them bounty ‘unters what just walked inta town? Pallydings, they said, or summat like that. Looked mighty menacin’ wit’ those big swords a’theirs. I wonder who they after…” My players recently expressed a desire for more urban adventures this season, and of course I’m more than happy to oblige. To prepare for spending

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A rock to hold on!

“That there stone cass’le deserves all the birdshit it gets. I’ll wave my skinny arms like a tall flower in the wind, jus’ build yer rocks.” For the holiday season, our house artist Joni Kesti provided us with a map of any castle you need it to be. System agnostic and super detailed, you’ll make

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The City of Ironwall

“The City owns those who Belong.” The City of Ironwall was one of the main campaign locations for the second season of our ongoing DCC campaign. It is a large, sprawling place, with adventure hooks and mysterious dangers galore. I finally managed to complete the article describing its districts, and here it is for all

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