Maritime Rumours & Story Hooks

"There's a shipwreck not a half-day's sailing away from the mainland. The water's just five fathoms deep there, you can see it easy on a clear day.
I've heard it said that if'n ye hear the ship's bell ring when you're near there it spells DOOM on ye, and ye'll die afore the years end!"

I took a pretty extensive leave from running games this summer, and consequently I had some time to plan and prep for the winter. This table is made just for that purpose: it’s full of story hooks of a maritime theme, ready to be used to create adventures or events for a seaside campaign. I’ve tried to pull out all of the familiar tropes for high sea adventures, and added in a few hints about what’s to come on KitN eventually.



Illustration by the salty sea dog Joni Kesti.