Glib’s Lucky Toes

"Glib Glittercurl was a very lucky halfling, even by halfing standards. But as always, his luck eventually ran out when he tripped into a vat of acid inhabited by famished spectral piranhas. The only thing left behind was his right foot, caught by his old friend Devoyka the Devious.
The foot was promptly preserved in a jar of strong dwarven brandy, and it seems to still hold some of its previous owner's lucky essence."

I’m running the final playtests of a module we’ve been working on for a year or so, and decided to give the online party a few experimental magic items to shore up some weaknesses in their group composition. This artefact is one of those items, combining the ideas of a lucky rabbit’s foot, a monkey’s paw and a disgusting jar of preserved bodily remains.

I’m quite fond of the concept, to be honest.