Dr. Jaw’s Clinic of Mutations and Machines

We decided to try a bit of a reverse-gambit this week: I asked Jussi for an image from his sketchbook, so that I could write up an article to go with the illustration. And boy did he deliver!

All I had to begin with was the above illustration, and the name Dr. Jaw. With this guidance in hand, I decided to solve an issue we’ve recently had in our MCC game – namely that of complex technologies, and lost mutations. One of our plantients is already one mutation away from becoming a simple potted plant, and my players have been asking for a “reliable” chance to save the poor fern from losing his sapience and opposable thumbs.

Thus, Dr. Jaw to the rescue! All aid provided by the good doctor is of course subject to the general DCC guideline of “quest for it”, and the piece is mainly intended to be a good bit of fiction any Judge can slip into their version of Terra AD.

Credit for the artwork goes to Jussi Pylkäs. As always, please consider supporting us on Patreon if you can, so we can keep cranking out content for everyone to enjoy.

Stay healthy, stay safe.