Skorosii, the Burning Bell

the bell, the bell it calls the bell, the bell its blistering roar when the night has fangs and the day despairs the bell, the bell brings warriors forth This week’s patron piece is a collaboration between Ville and myself. We try to spend a night writing together every few weeks, since it lets us …

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Patron: Golsimea, the Coming Change

Golsimea, the Coming Change is the scorched land’s promise of a fertile field. She is the chaotic bowels of the earth giving birth to a diamond and the young adventurer’s broken arm teaching a valuable lesson on the path to glory. Golsimea, the Coming Change was the centerpiece patron of a mini-campaign we played last …

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Patron: Lady Wyel of the Cold

“Formally under the Elfland court, Lady Wyel lives in the cold north of the Elflands. Her touch is frozen, her hand is cold.” The Cold Lady of the Elflands was a necessity for our campaign, and I’m absolutely joyful as Antti joins us as a writer on the blog. There’s a civil war going on …

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