Sun Wokung (feat. Der Trichter!)

One day, the monkeys moved out in search of a new home.
The stone monkey showed daring courage, skill and cunning
and took possession of the Stone Palace
behind the Waterfall for them.

And so he became King among the monkeys.
Legend of the Monkey King - Part I

This week’s piece has been in the works for a long time. I was contacted by the editor of a German language DCC zine called Der Trichter (“the Funnel”), for a collaboration between our respective channels. And this is the result! Some KitN goodness (related to companion animals) will be published translated to German sometime later this year, and similar collaborations are planned for the future as well.

The article itself contains the patron details for Sun Wokung, also known as the Monkey King, along with three patron spells granted by him. The piece is written and translated by Tim Charzinski, and edited in the KitN stronghold by yours truly. I hope you enjoy it!

Oh, and if your German is up for it, you can find more info on Der Trichter and related media beyond the link (click here). The content looks really good, even if the language is beyond me.

Stay healthy, stay safe.