Spell – Eippuz’ Contraceptive Conjuration

“Lo, I am become fallow…guess Santa/Satan got my letter after all!”

Much to my surprise, the veteran players of 30+ years of gaming experience, er, under their belts, in my current DCC RPG campaign have suddenly indulged themselves in matters sexual, whilst ignoring the like in my previous games of RuneQuest, Call of Cthulhu, Vampire and Warhammer. This may be a healthy turn, for after all sexuality plays an essential role in all human endeavour (including gaming) and ignoring it could be a sign of immaturity or unhealthy denial…or worse.

So, for your, er…pleasure I wrote up a spell, the effects of which would probably be in extremely high demand in a (fantasy) medieaval or other pre-modern setting: Eippuz’ Contraceptive Conjuration.

I made it a 1st level Cleric spell, although it might also be accessible to Wizards via some Patron or whatnot…but often Wizards seem too busy doing magical experiments in their parents’ cellar to go out and mingle – so perhaps they do not have much interest/opportunities in circumstances requiring birth control.

Anyway, this spell would be hugely popular with the common (and especially noble) folk. Likely the purview of village wise women, hedge witches and their ilk, in addition to Clerics of certain deities. Obviously, users/recipients of the spell could very well run afoul of fertility deities and their followers and probably be regarded (and turned) as Unholy.

For further information on related subjects, I refer the reader to the splendid OGL d20 sourcebook “The Book of Erotic Fantasy”.

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DCC spell – Eippuz’ Contraceptive Conjuration


Image: Wikimedia Commons