A KitN playlist: Village in the wilderness!

While we work on site upgrades and other super cool stuff, here’s a little something to tide you over: a hand-crafted playlist from our master of music, created for general wilderness adventure and encounters.

Stay posted for next week, as we have some big news and changes coming up. Us knights in the island fort have worked hard for the new things coming up, and I can barely wait to reveal the new stuff!



2 thoughts on “A KitN playlist: Village in the wilderness!”

  1. Sadly the very first track wont play in the UK…. and now Spotify seems to have fumbled as well/…

    Nice idea tho;

    1. Sorry to hear that. Obviously we can’t be responsible of the platform, only content and even that is unpredictable because of copyright regioning.

      The KITN playlists I’m managing are in constant progress and at least you can find new artist that you can try to support other ways, from YouTube to buying their albums/mp3 files.

      If we ever are about to duplicate these playlists to YouTube Music, I’ll let you know.

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