A Portal Opens…

…and a hand appears, thrusting out a pile of yellowed notes and tables.

“Here! Maybe you can use these random knick-knack charts I made? Or this map of a ruined tower in a strange bog somewhere in the southeast? Or this list of halfling names? Any takers?”

Welcome to the Knights in the North -blog.

I’ve set up this site because I realised that I produce quite a bunch of all sorts of content for my own games: charts, tables, maps, rulesets and more. Most of this stuff just gets used at my own table, and then forgotten and left by the wayside. A plethora of perfectly serviceable, if a little unpolished, play material, lost in old notebooks and my Google Drive folders.

I discussed this sad situation with some of my gamemaster friends a while back, and they too were shedding material and content constantly.

And, after about a half a year of mulling things over and trying to get to the point, I’ve finally set up this blog today, to serve as a repository and source for all this material.

I’ll start by posting a bunch of resources I made for a Dungeon Crawl Classics -campaign I ran recently. I might also post the chronicle of that story, since it’s mostly written down already, and I can structure my work process easier that way.

Also, I’ve talked to some of my GM friends about this project, and they might join in with their own stories and resources eventually. For now, I’ll just focus on getting this show up and running.



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  1. Great blog! Looks like you’ve created a lot of very useful, creative content for DCC here. Thanks for doing it.

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