Announcing: Patreon!

To crown this years Bright Week, we’ve launched our Patreon!

You will finally be able to support your favourite Knight organization in their vain attempt to fight the frozen windmills of the North.

In return for your donation, you’ll get access to an exclusive Discord chat, where you can discuss articles and other topics with the KitN team and other fans. We’ll also use the Discord to disseminate yet-to-be-published material and to give sneak peeks on future pieces.

All of the proceeds of the campaign will be used to keep the site running and to expand and improve our little project. The recent technical difficulties made it very clear to us that in order to grow we need to be able to throw money at problems sometimes, and our personal finances don’t really make that possible.

So, for the low price of a beverage of your choice you can guarantee that KitN keeps pumping out prime content every week. What’s not to like?

Cheers (and please, give generously),



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