Extended Unarmed Combat

“Wax on, wax off.”

– Mr. Miyagi

To crown Bright Week, today’s piece is a tantalizing DCC teaser from something we’ve been working on for a while: a full supplement based on pit fighting (containing fighters, tourneys and more), along with a module to make full use of the ruleset!

This all started more than a year ago, when I ran an ad hoc arena battle for our menacing strong-man dwarf. Since following from the sidelines would have been terribly boring, I had the other players run the challengers to the formidable fist fighter. This proved to be an excellent decision, as it turns out that my players are much more imaginative as martial artists than I would have ever been.

As the night progressed, we came up with a bunch of basic rules for martial combat, and have been using them ever since in our own games.

This article is a small sneak peek into that product, containing the basic rules for extended unarmed combat for DCC, and sporting the official KitN module layout. Enjoy!



DCC Rules – Extended Unarmed Combat


Illustration by the very precise Joni Kesti.