Carousing Table – Thief

The fourth and final of my carousing tables for DCC RPG; I made this one for Thieves, Halflings and other ruffians…the entries represent not so much “pure” carousing as the General Carousing Table, but rather criminal activities of various descriptions.

Here you can find the tables for Wizards and Clerics.

Once again, I have drawn from Balthazar and Jeff Rient, rewriting most of the entries to better fit the hypothetical ‘general’ DCC campaign without reference to non-included tables or a specific campaign setting, whilst striving to feature some of the Dark Master’s flavour from the rulebook.

As before, many of the table results’ role-playing details and amount of XP awards, monetary costs/rewards and other effects scream for Judge discretion and obviously should be tailored to individual campaign needs and to the character/party level.



DCC – Thieving Carousing Table


Header art credit goes to the roguish Joni Kesti.