Choranus, the Seer Father

It will be as the Father saw it. – a common Choranite blessing Here we are: KitN has deity details for all of the gods in the DCC rulebook. That’s done. Woop-fucking-woop. Choranus was especially difficult to write, as an all seeing originator deity is very far from my personal range of beliefs, and I […]

Bobugbubilz, the Demon Lord of Amphibians

Bobugbubilz, the Demon Lord of Amphibians, He Who is Hard to Name, Ruler of Frog Hell is an ancient, demonic deity. He holds dominion over all amphibian creatures, whether sapient or not, and his domain meets the mundane world wherever dry land gives way to deceptive marshes, fens and bogs. This week’s piece continues our […]

Crom, the Uncaring

Crom sits on his mountain Woe to whoever calls his name This has been sitting on my worktable for a while. Crom, the Uncaring has been a part of my pantheon since we started playing, but a cleric for an uncaring god was more than a little daunting to write up. Of course, this might […]

Melniscar, the Infinite Order

ORDER DEIFIED OUR TENET TRUE LAW ALWAYS MORE THAN REAL This week’s piece is an ineffable and incomprehensible lawful deity for DCC. I’ve noticed that while chaotic and even neutral deities are often portrayed as strange and difficult to grasp for mortal minds, lawful deities tend to be represented in a very human and approachable […]


“There are forces much more abominable than the deities we worship, standing behind the starlight and the endless cosmic pits beyond.” Since I wanted to do something a little lighter this week, and to appease our Reddit-based readership where this was requested: here’s a sheet for building out your own deities. The basic PDF below […]

Hidden Lord, God of Secrets

…as one of the Many my Death means nothing my life is given to the Eye from the Void…” Here are the deity details for Hidden Lord, God of Secrets, as requested by an avid reader of ours on Reddit. I actually like taking requests, and I’m pretty active on (too many) social media platforms, […]

Klazath, God of War

“WAR IS NECESSARY CREATION IS CONFLICT BATTLE IS ETERNAL” This time in our series of deity writeups for DCC we have Klazath, God of War. Man, I had trouble with this one. First of all, a lawful war deity seems reaaally contradictory to me to begin with. Secondly, what’s more boring than “a god of […]

Azi Dahaka, Demon Prince of Storms and Waste

“The winds and dust are all Only the storm holds sway Repent and grovel before you’re swept away” Last weeks entry for our pantheon: Azi Dahaka, Demon Prince of Storms and Waste! To be quite frank, I didn’t plan on writing up Azi Dahaka for cleric purposes at all. I was planning on handling small […]