Hidden Lord, God of Secrets

…as one of the Many

my Death means nothing

my life is given

to the Eye from the Void…”

Here are the deity details for Hidden Lord, God of Secrets, as requested by an avid reader of ours on Reddit. I actually like taking requests, and I’m pretty active on (too many) social media platforms, so drop me a line if you’d like to see something specific on the site. Also, you can now be among the first to follow us on Facebook and Instagram – we’ll have more to say about those platforms later, but they’re already up and running.

I heavily recommend reading the patron article for Hidden Lord (here’s a link) and the description of the eldritch Things from the Between-Spaces (over here) as well, seeing as this deity writeup references them somewhat heavily.



DCC Deity – Hidden Lord


Illustration by the ever inconspicuous Joni Kesti.

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