The Night Soil must be collected.

“Ha, well, someone ‘as to do it. Shovel what you keep putting out. They call us gongfarmers. Us, we’re the heroes Yous ju’s don’ know it.” This is an absolutely shameless marketing post: If you haven’t already, do check out bygrinstow‘s Night Soil zine. It’s full of excellent stuff for all you DCC  gongfarmers: magic, …

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Review week 2: The Son of Review Week!

Time flies when you’re crawling in a festering dungeon, and its once again time for a review of past articles. I’ll be going through my own posts from this spring and summer, updating and editing articles as I go along. Full list of updates beyond the jump. Cheers, AMP

A Knightly Anniversary!

“The Lance trundles along triumphantly. What had once been a single knightly form, drunkenly slouched upon a tired destrier has grown into a prolific force sporting many different banners! Let the windmills of the world be wary, for here come the Knights in the North!” It is the first anniversary of the site! We’ve grown …

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It’s about DAMN time!

Last autumn I submitted an article for the next edition of D.A.M.N. magazine, and it’s finally here! My text considers Ar-Mammon, a demon-patron specially made for greedy wizards. Cheers, AMP D.A.M.N. Magazine Spring/Summer 2018 on DriveThruRPG BUY ZINE Visit Mystic Bull Games VISIT SITE

Contributor Guidelines

After actually receiving a few inquiries concerning contributing to the site, I came to the conclusion that I should write down some guidelines for article content, for later reference. Read more below, if this interests you!

Review Week!

The Knights in the North have been up and running for a half a year! Hoo-rah! To celebrate, I’ve updated the site icon with a shiny, new logo from Danny Prescott. Keep your eyes peeled for more art from him, we’ve got a few pieces stashed away just waiting for the article that’ll do them …

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A Portal Opens…

…and a hand appears, thrusting out a pile of yellowed notes and tables. “Here! Maybe you can use these random knick-knack charts I made? Or this map of a ruined tower in a strange bog somewhere in the southeast? Or this list of halfling names? Any takers?” Welcome to the Knights in the North -blog. …

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