D100 Wizard Names

“Better living – through wizardry!”

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This little list of names was born out of a joke. To make ends meet I’ve been working in the secretarial department of the local hospital, and in capacity I’ve come across a lot of different pharmaceutical products. After pointing out how most of them sound like evil wizards and mythical demons I decided to make a point of collating a list of names solely composed of such substances. So here we have a list of a 100 pharmaceutical wizards!

I challenge you to drop these into you tabletop games, just to see whether other participants spot the gaff. And if someone can tell me why medical companies name their products in this fashion please drop us a line!



Fantasy Names – Pharmaceutical Wizards D100


Header illustration by the mystically masterful Joni Kesti.

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  1. That face when you read the table and realize you’ve had some of these wizards inside you…

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