Dungeon Map Generator

Inspired by the fancy dungeon geomorph dice (pictured in the banner) I bought last spring, I decided to make a tool for generating (fantasy) dungeons. You can find the tool in the PDF below, and while it supports the use of the dungeon geomorph dice you can actually get by with just a set of 3D12 from your nearest dice bag.

Also, I may have mentioned that I’m also a dice collector, and what follows is a short review of the dice themselves. Feel free to jump directly to the dungeon generator PDF at the bottom of the post if collecting painted pieces of plastic isn’t your cup of tea.

Product name: Chessex Dungeon Picture Jumbo D12 (although listings vary by shop).

Company: Chessex (you can find their website here, albeit it’s notoriously out of date).

Size/denomination: 28mm/d12

Price: ~8€ (I got mine at the Dice Shop Online, most sites list them for similar prices).

Description: The dice are quite large, so that rolling three of them at once is almost awkward even though my hands are on the large side. They have a nice heft to them and overall roll well, production quality is good.

Geomorph images and numbers are pressed or engraved onto the dice, not simply printed on, giving them a nice tactile feel and presumably assuring that the ink doesn’t wear too quickly. The imagery on the dice reads well, and I’ve found them a useful tool in dungeon mapping. Opposite numbers don’t add to 13, which is a little irritating.

Collector review: Architectural/12; I would recommend snagging a couple up, especially if you run dungeon-oriented tabletop sessions (according to tDSO the dice aren’t in common production, so these may be in short supply at some point).

Now, on to generate dungeons!



Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with either Chessex or the Dice Shop Online.

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