KitN declares: BRIGHT WEEK!

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

Surely some revelation is at hand;

Surely the Second Coming is at hand.  

“The Second Coming” by W.B. Yeats (1919)



KitN is back in business, and we’re declaring the first week of December as BRIGHT WEEK!

To take back the time lost in the darkness and gloom of the autumn, we’ll be posting something every day for the next week. It’s more or less the darkest time of the year here in the North, and I’m sure we all could use a little light.  Below you can find some explanation for the for the long hiatus between posts, written mostly for purposes of personal catharsis.

Most importantly: keep your eyes on the site for cool stuff this week!


Alright, it’s been a while since the previous post, so I figure some exposition is in order.

Firstly, I know the poem above is high school level stuff, but I’ve always liked it quite a bit, and it seemed apt. For a more contemporaneous poet check this out.

Secondly, the last few months have been quite rough on me personally. In the end of September I ran myself down with work. Shift work as a secretary at the local hospital to make ends meet, combined with KitN, working on a culture/business accelerator and a book project made my days quite full. As I’ve not been particularly happy to begin with it’s not surprising that setting myself up with 12 hour workdays with no real downtime caused a bit of a downward spiral.

Additionally, the KitN site broke mysteriously at the beginning of October. We’ve since managed to fix it, but with me out of the game, and Joni being super busy as well, even getting stuff running took a while. I’d like to especially thank Mikko Ruotsalainen, Vili Heikkinen and Brian Mayle for giving us a hand with getting the site to work again.

To be honest, I was actually happy that the site was down, since I could tell myself that as long as the site is busted I don’t need to worry about posting anything. I really needed a break from everything.

Interestingly, the first thing that came back was my drive to work on KitN stuff. After weeks of not being able to do anything, reclaiming the desire to write is quite an experience. I actually spent one weekend just on stuff for KitN, with no human contact (beyond calling my mom to tell her that I was alive).

There’s never a good time for this, so I’ll put a well-meaning (mental) health disclaimer here:

If you feel like you need help, get help. There’s always options. Tell your family, or get in touch with a friend. If nothing else, call a hotline, or emergency services. It’s not over yet.




2 thoughts on “KitN declares: BRIGHT WEEK!”

  1. Jonathan Davis

    Sorry to hear you had a stressful month. I’ve got a back log of KitN stuff to read anyways!!!

    Definitely using your materials in my ongoing home game. We have one Cleric of Loptir, Ulesh, Shul, and my custom deity based off the KitN templates. Lavoz is the Primordial Voice that called humanity out of the primeval slime.

    I keep luring my players to “The Muck Pit” but thus far they have only had the odd random encounter with the bandits. However, at this point things have escalated and the goose is corrupted as well as the captives. So my random wilderness table has a chaos goose thanks to you.

    Happy gaming.

    1. Thank you for the kind compassion and glad to hear you’re enjoying the site! And if you feel like sharing Lavoz, we do take guest contributions… ;)

      And the developments in your Muck Pit sound excellent. Nothing like developing the world based on what dangers the players end up ignoring end up ignoring.


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