Spell – Acid Arrow

“Far out, man! Did you see that wee unicorn hit the three-headed goblin, too?”

Hereby I present my take on the classic D&D spell (Melf’s) Acid Arrow for DCC RPG.

I made it a 1st level Wizard spell, because on lower casting results it is somewhat less powerful than Magic Missile, and Judges enjoying holding out on power-starved Wizard players might instead opt to give them Acid Arrow.

As outlined in the document, the spell requires a ranged attack roll (made after the spell check) in order for the arrow to actually hit its intended target. This is not a separate action but part of the spell-casting itself.

What if the caster fumbles the attack roll, you ask? Turn to an appropriate Fumble Table or apply a suitably modified outcome from the spell’s misfire results.


DCC spell – Acid Arrow