Mapvember 2017 Adventures

They say our small world of men is built on the backs of dragons, gone from the world aeons ago.”

So last month, I took part in the Mapvember 2017 challenge.

I don’t like the usual “top-down gridmap” -style at all personally, so I figured that I’d make each map an adventure on its own, with some notes and annotations included.

Tools used were my Micron pens, a single wide-brush Copic, and ink and brushes.

Here you have the maps I drew, pulled into a little PDF, with a tiny bit of commentary. Make them into stories! (And tell me how it goes!)



Fantasy Resource – Mapvember 2017 Adventures


3 thoughts on “Mapvember 2017 Adventures”

  1. Wish I could draw like this! Still It reminded me of the one time in D&D 1st Ed I did a Dragon’s Mountain cavern type adventure… Drew that side on as I recall. Wonder if a copy survived in my files someplace … Hmmm

    1. Wow, thanks for the compliment! I did all of this in a single month (!), while moving to Lisbon for a stint.

      Also, I want to see that cavern! Find a copy for us! :)


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