Alternate Fumbling

Sometimes you are your own worst enemy.
And sometimes your companions are your worst enemies.
But most of the time, your worst enemy is your worst enemy.
Like, 19 times out of 20.
That 1 time though...
- inscription on the wall of a tavern privy -

Fumbling in combat in DCC has left me fairly underwhelmed most of the time: seems like 8/10 fumbles consist of “your weapon doesn’t work for this combat” or “you trip”, and that’s just not scary enough! While the critical tables are great and juicy, I’d like the fumbles to be similarly fun and dangerous. So here it is, a revamped fumble table for DCC, along with some additional rules to make fumbling a little more juicy and granular. This table functions well with the monster fumble die rules in our previous article (linked here for convenience).

Astute readers may note that the article is a week late. Unfortunately, this may be a trend in the coming weeks and months. The good news is that I got a job: I started as a game designer for a VR game project at the beginning of the month. The bad news to balance stuff out is that Finland is starting to get the effects of the second wave of the pandemic. Both of these things mean that my brainpower won’t be all there to keep pushing out weekly content, so we’ll probably go back to popping out articles as sporadic bursts. We’ll catch up eventually, but for now I can only hope our readers understand the delays.

Anyhow, stay safe & stay healthy.