Alternate MCC Tribal Occupations

(This piece SHOULD have come out on 18th of October 2020, but it only made it to print now.)

We recently started trying out MCC with our home group. Since the pandemic doesn’t seem to relent any time soon, I figured that online gaming is better than no gaming at all. Despite my best attempts, I’m not a big fan of playing through video call; it just takes so much to make the session feel like a gaming sesh rather than just a performance. But it is what it is, and we’ll make do.

As I started to get familiar with the rules changes, I was aghast at the simplistic approach to occupation the book offered. There’s a rather extensive foreword in this article detailing my gripes with the rulebook design, and this article is an alternative way to figure out tribal backgrounds for your novice relic hunters.

Illustration provided by the highly evolved Joni Kesti!

Stay safe, stay healthy.