Istafar’s Inveigling Obfuscation

Hark, and behold my new blade! The wizzard who sold it guaranteed its great magic powers, he had a hat and everything! Tremble before my might!
Kraggold the Thick
- last words before getting devoured by an orc; his corpse was later discovered grasping a spoon, no sword was found -

This is my DCC version of the classic Nystul’s Magic Aura. The old Judge trick of selling a reputedly “magical” dagger came up in discussion on the Facebook DCC group, and I picked up the idea to make a spell to make that possible. Since simply giving an object a magical aura really isn’t all that DCC in my opinion, I expanded the illusion to cover other fantasy tropes, such as fairy gold that turns to leaves eventually and enchanted castles with horrific illusionary dangers lurking in them.

The illustration is this week is penned by a new friend of the Lance, Jussi Pylkäs. He works with me in my day job, and we might be seeing more of him later on in the year.

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