Artefact – The Farsight Diamond

Crafted long ago on the ziggurat-covered islands of the far south, the Farsight Diamond is a legendary feat of craftsmanship. Although their culture is now much declined by the ravages of fate, the islanders still remember the Age of the Master Aethermancers when such artefacts were more commonplace.

This week’s piece is a magic item I came up with when Joni wanted to send his rogue in search of her long-lost grandmother, the elderly pirate queen Aen Gan. His rogue had successfully installed the magical emerald eyes from Gnole House, and I figured that adding a little bit of family resemblance would fit the pulp continuity of our adventures.

Additionally, I have a strong feeling that the ziggurat-islands of the South Sea will feature in our future adventures, so I also took this opportunity to flesh out that region of our game world.



DCC Artefact – The Farsight Diamond