DCC – Spells from the Wildlands: Xul’s Carrion Calamity

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The below is the first of what will hopefully be a series of spells/patrons. It’s certainty one to spice up a spell list if nothing else. A few notes on the spell and it’s usage:

Should a player select this one for use the Judge will now need to at least make an attempt to keep track of where enemies died. This can be tricky to recall at times but is only a minor piece of paperwork to keep up with unless you’re running massive battles.

Secondly, if your players are even vaguely creative then at least one of them will just start carrying corpses around with them to just as bombs. This is typically fine, there is little more distressing to a new town your adventurers might visit than them literally walking in smelling like death.

Last of all the spell does not mention a size restriction on corpses, this was left vague intentionally as detailing out a size chart and relative damage for each size is 0% fun. Some basic rule ideas to adjust for this are to lower/increase the die the chain 1-3 steps pending the creatures size. This should be enough to stop the wizard from attempting to use rat corpses as hand grenades and but may encourage them to drag that mammoth they slew around for a little bit.

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Andrew Schroeder

DCC Spell – Xul’s Carrion Calamity


Illustration by the ogre-slaying Joni Kesti.

5 thoughts on “DCC – Spells from the Wildlands: Xul’s Carrion Calamity”

  1. Ginés Ladrón de Guevara

    Hahahahahaha, my henchmen take up and carry that ogre corpse from now on!

    This remembers me one scene from “The Young Frankenstein” film.

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  3. Ha! Actually, the illustration is from a sticky situation with a couple of hungry ogres… A color spray knocked out most of the party in addition to the ogres, and the wizards had their work cut out for them, shanking the ogres dead before they woke up again. :D


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