Full Body Hit Locations

“Hey, while adventuring, you’re likely to get hurt. Like HURT hurt. Real bad. You sure you’re up for it?”

A while back, I came across this image:

It reminded me of a hit location table I made for a Runequest-based game I used to run years back. (Apparently the above image is from the Wellcome Collection, CC 4.0 International license, link here).

So I figured that I’d make an updated version of the old image, with a little more design applied. It’s a 2d20 full-body table, and it has been approximately optimized so that most attacks hit the arms or the torso. Have a look, try it out.

My old rule for hitting nerves (rolling a 2 on the new table) is double damage on the next location rolled, but feel free to come up with your own.

I’ll follow up with separate tables for lower and upper body hits, of course.

For giggles, I’ve provided the original version as well (it’s in Finnish, but you get the basics). “Osumapaikka” is Finnish for “hit location”, if you want to stun your friends with your understanding with your knowledge of obscure Northern lingo.



System Agnostic – Full Body Hit Locations


Systeemivapaa – Osumapaikat, vuosi 2000 ed.


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