The satyrs are here!

“From the forest they all came!

Proud of heart, quick to revel!

And their dance, will stop NEVER!”

This has been a long while coming, but I finally finished the rules for satyrs as a DCC race!

The whole thing started with a critical fumble next to a randomly encountered circle of old stones (see Random Encounters, in a Weird World for additional notes on how I run random stuff like that): one of the group’s elves disappeared to the Elflands for a night, and I decided that the fruit of his misadventure would eventually appear, looking for a farther figure.

And he did. After that, the dad spent a while in the Elflands with his son, and I had valid reason to grow him up (since the Elflands run on wibbly-wobbly time, of course).

So, I give to you the rules for running satyrs as a class in DCC. With great thanks to Danny Prescott for the art. I think it really drives the point home.

Double cheers to all,


DCC race – Satyr


DCC character sheet – Satyr


Art by the mischievous Danny Prescott.

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