Ildavir, Goddess of Nature

“You’d do well to pay heed to Ildavir, if you’re traveling through the Wild! She’s everywhere: in the trees, the animals, even the grass sways for her glory.

I hear Old Gubbins met her last year, when ‘e was on a trapping run up Bearclaw Gorge. Says she came out of the woods, bold as can be, and gave ‘im a speech about paying homage to the animals ‘e hunts, givin’ back to the forest and all that.

‘Course, Gubbins drinks like a fish and has a head like a mule. Like as not ‘e jus’ spent a week tipplin’ up there, and talked ‘is head off to an oak or summin’.

Still. Can’t be too careful with them divine types.”

So here’s Ildavir, along with disapproval and all that good stuff.

Been a little over-busy lately, what with starting a new job, a new campaign, working on a WH40k army and a draft cube for MtG. But I’ll do my best to keep the content rolling nonetheless!



DCC deity – Ildavir, Goddess of Nature


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