Kalexandra’s Continuous Compuration

"Double, double, toil and trouble,
Farmer burn and soldier fumble!"
Kalexandra the Witch

This week’s piece is a bit of a hex. I’ve always liked the idea of a witch or wizard just looking at someone with their evil eye, and thus cursing them with a variety of misfortunes.

The word “compuration” is obviously a gaffe. A friend translated a Finnish text into English with Google Translate, and the machine-brain decided to flip the Finnish word “kompurointi” (stumbling; from “kompuroida” to stumble, to blunder) into “compuration”. The word sounds quite funny to a Finnish ear, and seemed aptly suited for a spell moniker. Additionally, the naming witch is one of our current active characters.

Writing up the spell has reminded me of the long standing project of taking a good hard look at the DCC fumble rules, so the next couple of pieces will likely revolve around that topic.

Stay healthy, stay safe.