Judge AMP’s DCC 101

"You want to do WHAT with that sack of night soil?"
Judge AMP

This is a little different from what we usually publish, but I figured that I’d write down some notes on how I run DCC, mainly for people coming in from other systems or just generally starting out on their Dungeon Crawl Classics journey Everything within is obviously just my opinions, but the article may answer some common questions about the DCC system. I’ve also included a bunch of links to useful articles elsewhere on the site, since I’ve addressed many of the topics more robustly elsewhere.

This piece deals with the very basics of DCC, and we may continue the series later with an advanced DCC piece, covering how the game changes when you move on to high level play (and boy does it ever…).

I’m also glad to point out that, for the first time in long months, we’re on time! I’ve managed to catch up our backlog over the last few weeks, and I’m hopeful about keeping up with our usual one-piece-a-week schedule again. And on that topic, I do encourage people to consider supporting us on Patreon if its at all feasible for you to do so.

Stay safe, stay healthy.