The Arcane Archivist

“Books, grimoires, fetishes… objects of lore, and power.

I sense them all, I know their power.

I must have it for my own.”

The arcane archivist is an alternative magic user class for DCC. I wrote it up based on popular demand, as my players have recently realised the value of utility wizards, Detect magic, Read magic and Comprehend languages.

The alternate mechanics are partially based on my own old home system, where arcane casting was largely tied to the power of a wizard’s spell book.

As usual, rules are below in the PDF. Enjoy!



DCC Class – Arcane Archivist


Illustrations by the absolutely magical Joni Kesti.

2 thoughts on “The Arcane Archivist”

  1. Ginés Ladrón de Guevara

    “as my players have recently realised the value of utility wizards”

    This makes me feel old :-P

    1. I personally think this is a bit of an issue with the DCC magic rules. Everyone loves the party’s convenient missile platform: even a 1st level wizard with Magic missile or Charm person or something. They can melt a couple of encounters per adventure with little sweat, and this makes utility focused casters a lot less inviting, especially as only having Detect magic and it’s fairly vague sense of things as a tool does not yet make them particularly useful.

      Also, I tried to provide a solution for the fact that despite being very magical artefacts, spellbooks and scrolls are often completely forgotten once found. The archivist specifically looks for these in order to function, and that should make them a lot more interesting as loot.


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