Ulesh, God of Peace

“The Mediator stood at the site of an averted massacre, and admired his handiwork. The Duke had been prepared to crush the rebellious peasantry with arrows and steel, but the battle never happened due to the Mediator’s honeyed words and serrated threats.

The peasants would no doubt suffer under the new taxes and extortionist laws, but being them being alive and oppressed meant that peace was upheld. Peace meant that lives wouldn’t be lost in pointless conflict. Peace meant that the rule of law would be upheld.

Peace was always an uncomfortable compromise, most often born out of fear.

The Mediator knew this, and smiled.

Ulesh’s peace was upon the land, and it was good.”

How do you make a god of Peace interesting or relevant in such a warlike world as that of the Dungeon Crawl Classics? Make him a regretful war god, forcing peace on the world through force if necessary!

I swear that Ulesh only resembles Father Christmas through pure accident. Or maybe subliminal influence of the season.

Details and the all important disapproval table are in the PDF as usual: check them out, try them out, and tell me how it goes!

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DCC deity – Ulesh, God of Peace


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