Wild Mage

"If you didn't want a melting elephant to appear in the room, you should have said so before you told me to "Cast a spell, dammit, you pointy hatted bastard!".
I mean, I'm not saying that I would have done anything differently.
But you should have *specified* you didn't want an elephant.
I think I could have manifested a mastodon instead..."
Roblartus, the Haffer of Men and Elves
A.K.A "the Melty Faced Man"

Alright, here’s the 200th article on KitN. Enjoy!

I’ve been working on the wild mage for DCC for about a year now. I cracked how I wanted to do the rules a few weeks ago – largely a benefit of taking some time off from writing stuff weekly. How to make a wild mage for a system which already embraces the randomness and weird events congruent with powerful magic? My answer is leaning on the already robust miscast rules available in the rulebook, and reversing the Deed die.

This is also the debut of our new artist Knight – Good Sir Robert, the Knight Out of Space. I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know him after our games together during my Week of Games. The illustration piece for this article drew my eye instantly, and he was kind enough to join the Lance with very little cajoling. I had actually drawn an illustration for the article myself, but we’ll just save that for another time, since this one is waaaay better.

Rules and details within, revel in the art. You can read more about Robert on his bio (posted here).



Illustration by the magnificent magnate, Robert Hafferman.