A System for 20 PC Levels

Especially new players to DCC RPG sometimes complain about their perceived “too slow” character progression or the long intervals between levelling up. Here I offer a (largely illusionary) solution to silence them.

My system boils down to giving the PCs a chance of increasing one of their Ability scores (plus a few extra HPs) upon attaining “pseudolevels” situated between the 10 regular class levels of DCC RPG. This system does not require any modifications to the game mechanics, but Judges should alter it to better fit their gaming style/campaign.

Still, the players get to write down a shiny new higher number in their character sheet level entry. They should also add an entry for their actual CL, and take care never to confuse these two numbers, lest the Judge become very vengeful indeed.

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DCC rules – 20 PC Levels