Daenthar, the Mountain Lord

“Earth, industry and advancement: Daenthar’s temple is the gleaming pinnacle of science combined with divine inspiration; his priesthood is the forefront of the future for us all!

Strike the earth! It’s bounty is for you to conquer, food for your burning forge!”

I ended up writing up a bunch of these deity descriptions lately, since my Monday group ended up traveling to a big city ruled by six temples. I’ll see whether I can stagger them out between other content rather than just blasting one out every week.

I’ve also started to wonder whether I should just build my write-ups into a renamed pantheon of my own, as I’ve really only taken the names from the DCC rulebook, and riffed based on that. Even some of the names and titles seem to have changed quite a bit in the process. I’ve never actually read the old sourcebook which apparently contains the deities for Aereth (DCC #35: Gazetteer of the Known Realms), and don’t intend to, at least until I finish my own versions. DIY forever!

Anyhow, enjoy the Iron Man of my DCC pantheon!



DCC deity – Daenthar, the Mountain Lord


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