Knight Moot #1: A Pile of Bone Blades

“Some say that the thigh bone is the best material for making a dagger. Whoever found that out must be a little touched in the head. Most of us prefer steel.”

A week or so ago, I put out a call for magical bone daggers for DCC (inspired by this article.) We gathered 8 entries in total, which I promptly doubled as promised: here are 16 magical bone daggers, for your perusal and use!

Big thanks to everyone who contributed: in addition to the usual Knights, we have entries from Daniel J. Bishop, Tim Deschene, Patrick Lene and Michael Markey.

If this goes well I may continue doing similar brainstorming events in the future!



DCC magic items – 16 Blades of Bone


Header art by the extremely detailed Joni Kesti.

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