Morgon, the God of Torture and Bodily Fluids

”Eat”, the beady-eyed halfing said and nudged the plate of beef and vegetables closer to you, ”One needs to eat to grow strong. Meat is good for your blood. Greens are good for your bile.”

You were really lucky to find this small cabin in the wilds. Haflings are always so warm and generous.

The man snapped his yellow fingers. ”Oh, and one more thing.” He hobbled to a small cupboard and summoned a round potion from its depths. ”Here we go. Juice. Made from my own dear papa.”

”By. By his own dear papa”, the female halfling said, still sitting in the corner of the dark room and polishing her strange hook of a hand.

”Huh? Oh, right. By my own dear papa”, the man said and sat back down and poured you a tall cup of the sweet-smelling liquid, ”Juice is good for your throat. Gives you a beautiful voice. Endurance, as well. Oh yes. With a bit of papa’s juice, one can weather the most amazing injuries, and still keep on singing.”

Hi, all. A new knight has ridden into town. In other words, this is my first post for Knights in the North. Yay!

God Morgon’s story began as an inside joke, but soon its powers grew in our gaming world. Thus, I wanted to write a full account of its cult and clerics. It is a truly depraved god, its followers are not interested in fame or valuables, so you can easily use it as an antagonistic presence in a campaign.

Have fun!


DCC deity – Great God Morgon, God of Torture and Bodily Fluids


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