Cadixtat, Chaos Titan

“Cadixtat, Chaos Titan and the Lord of the Five-Pointed Forge stands atop his crucible, petrified for all time. Was he to awaken, the world would be driven into fire and disarray, the likes of which have not been seen since the First Wars.

Despite his seeming inaction, his shadow falls on the world, haunting the feverish dreams of artisans and madmen with chaotic inspiration. Through their actions the Five-Pointed Forge still spews forth discord and strangeness.”

I sometimes ask myself why all of the clerics in our games tend towards chaos. Must be something about our personal astral auras, since we roll stats, alignments and even gods. There is little choice involved.

I find doing write-ups for chaos gods very interesting however, as they pose a bit of a challenge to begin with.

I work with the assumption that any church or cult with player character clerics has to have some sort of a position within the pseudo-medieval society they exist in. This means that they have to be useful somehow, or at least tolerable: knife-wielding murder cults get ran out of town or crushed by heroic delvers.

Of course, this is not to say that there won’t be any extremists within a given order. In last winter’s campaign the mallet wielding fanatics of Justicia’s Mercy Patrols were actually a lot more dangerous than the standard leprous rabble of Nimlurun.

Anyhow, in our newest party, the cleric is a former blacksmith, and ended up with Cadixtat as their deity, so I took it upon myself to provide them with some details. The associated information is in the PDF below, as per usual.



DCC deity – Cadixtat, Chaos Titan


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    1. Unfortunately no, we don’t have any prepped. I’d suggest checking out DCC #76: Sailors on the Starless Sea (there’s a reborn Chaos Lord in that one) or maybe asking around in the DCC subreddit or Facebook group, someone must have some stats written up.


      1. Cleveland Proutt

        Thanks Much….I Appreciate Your Work….I Would Also Like To Submit My Work To You So It Can Be Used….Thank You So Much.

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